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Solé Luthiers offers you a wide selection of genuine old and modern luthier instruments for professionals and students.

All instruments are guaranteed by Solé Luthiers and have been revised and fine-tuned in our workshop.

We offer you the possibility of testing the instrument for a week, paying the cost of the insurance.

We also offer the possibility of financing through Caixabank Consumer.

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Charles Jacquot, ca. 1880, Paris
Beautiful violin in perfect condition.
Appropriate for professionals and senior students.
Powerful, sweet and easy-emitting sound.



Ignacio Fleta, 1936, Barcelona
Extraordinary and rare viola in perfect condition

preservation of this acclaimed Luthier.
Suitable for professionals and soloists.
Powerful sound, rich in harmonics and very easy to emit.


Manus Verzoni, 2020 (Barcelona)
Professional cello copy of a GOFRILLER model (1690) Appropriate for professionals and high-level students.
Wide sound, great projection and very easy emission.

Meditation Thaïs - J. Massenet - Jaime Solé, cello
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Listen to this cello!

"Meditation de Thaïs" - J. MASSENET

Jaime Solé, cello solo

Recorded 08/25/2020 with the cello Manus Verzoni (2020)


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