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Construction, repair and sale of instruments and bows

Since 1997 Solé Luthiers has distinguished itself by excellence in all its services and by offering personalized attention to its clients.
Important professional musicians, as well as students and collectors have trusted Solé Luthiers for the purchase, repair or tuning of their instruments.
The Solé sisters , master luthier and master archer, with their exceptional training and experience, lead a team that guarantees high quality services and offers confidence and security in the acquisition of instruments.

Solé Luthiers has a wide range of genuine instruments for students and professionals.

All instruments offered are guaranteed and have been checked in our workshop.

We have a wide selection of bows for students and professionals.

We especially highlight the arches built by Montserrat Solé, appreciated for their finish and for their excellent performance.

Solé Luthiers offers its outstanding experience in the repair of instruments and bows.

In addition, we put at your disposal our talent for the restoration of important instruments.

Insurance for

instruments and bows

Insurance contracting with worldwide coverage for instruments and bows.

We take care of the expertise in the event of a claim.

Expert services in valuation, appraisal and certification of instruments and bow.

Possibility of issuing certificates of authenticity and value estimates.

Antonio Stradivari, violin (1711) Ex Tartini

Solé Luthiers is pleased to present the first edition in Spain of the specialized book written by the Solé sisters dedicated to Antonio Stradivari, with a compendium of extraordinary life-size photos, dendrochronology, historical references and descriptions of the famous violin built by:

Antonio Stradivari in 1711: Ex Tartini - Vogelweith

Luxury edition limited to 250 copies.

To purchase a copy contact us.


Calle Santa Anna, 28, 3º 1ª

08002 - Barcelona

Tel. 93 232 43 08

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